An EM-FLEX seal prevents drafts and reduces your energy costs.

Badly closing doors, industrial doors and loading docks without seals or with a defective brush or rubber seals make drafts in wintertime uncomfortable through various openings around the dock.

EM-FLEX sealing systems stop drafts. They not only keep out the cold and wind but also prevent the penetration of dust and diesel particles. This is especially important for companies in the food industry where hygiene is important. This also applies to all other businesses, shops, and public buildings to ensure that employees and customers are optimally protected.

There are also clear legal requirements for employers. The health department states: “Unacceptable drafts must not occur in areas where people live or work”.

Prevent economic damage

The result of drafts in the workplace is increased absenteeism due to colds, neck complaints and muscle tension. This leads to considerable economic damage: employee performance falls and absenteeism rises significantly. In addition, energy costs increase.

An EM-FLEX seal reduces drafts by 94%!

All this is prevented by providing an effective draft barrier. Blower through-tests have shown that the patented system reduces draft by 94%. This also has a positive effect on the energy and CO2-balance! The material always offers a seamless finish, even on uneven floors. This also ensures that different temperature zones in commercial buildings remain separated. Food storage and refrigeration chains can thus be better secured. The seal is easy to clean with a jet of water.

The solution: EM-FLEX seals

EM-FLEX draft inhibitors are efficient, economical and easy to install without drilling, riveting or screwing. It doesn’t matter if you want to close external doors, intermediate doors or passage doors to food stores or production areas. Even for sliding doors, EM-FLEX offers a special and well-thought-out solution to prevent unwanted drafts.

Optimal sealing


Saving energy and CO2

Easy assembly