Protect your production against draughts and dirt!

With EM-FLEX seals for doors and industrial doors, you can reliably protect your production processes and product quality in the chemical industry against contamination, energy losses and vermin.

Just as in the food industry, the highest safety standards are essential in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Audits and internal quality management measures ensure that high expectations of hygiene and energy efficiency are met.

Protection against contamination with fine dust is an important typical example of this industry. In addition to visible contamination, diesel emissions also leave behind invisible particles that are harmful to health and products. Since conventional door seals such as rubber seals, brush seals etc. do not provide effective protection against fine dust or diesel particles, all doors and industrial doors in this industry must be improved.

Possible applications for EM-FLEX seals:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paper and packaging industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Research laboratories
  • Medical facilities / health care
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes

EM-FLEX seals offer you the optimum door seal.

The results of the so-called blower by test show how efficiently the fibre-reinforced sealing lip of our seals works: after installation, the draught was reduced by more than 90% – not to mention the substances contained therein.

EM-FLEX seals are efficient, durable and ingeniously easy to install. Unlike a brush seal, you do not need to drill, rivet, screw or weld.

The advantages over other sealing systems at a glance:

  • Energy savings
  • Better sealing of doors and industrial doors
  • Protection against fine dust and diesel particles thanks to the fibre-reinforced sealing lip
  • High quality = durable product
  • Use of proven and robust materials
  • Consistent quality management
  • No unwanted particles in the working environment
  • Universally applicable
  • Individual production guarantees use for all sizes