L-series for dock levellers and lifting platforms

O-series for industrial doors

D-series for doors


S-series for automatic sliding doors


Better than brush- or rubber seals

Efficiency proven as a draught-stop

Extensive testing proves that our products help you save costs and keep your carbon footprint small, better than sealing brushes or rubber seals.

EM-FLEX gap seals also help you comply with legal safety regulations and audits. In the blower door test, the fibre-reinforced sealing lip of our door seals reduced draughts and the substances contained therein by more than 90%.

Quality assured

Our consistent quality management, certified by an independent expert in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, ensures the high quality of EM-FLEX products.

This makes EM-FLEX seals more durable than conventional sealing brushes or rubber seals and significantly reduces your operating costs. This not only saves you up to 50% on your purchase but also 85% on additional costs, because EM-FLEX seals do not need to be replaced as often. The robust special integrated fabric prevents damage caused by bites from rats or mice.

Cleaning with water is also possible without problems.