Reliably eliminate hygiene risks!

EM-FLEX seals are more hygienic, durable and cheaper than a door brush.

Hygiene in production is of particular importance for the food industry. Doors, industry and loading docks are the points where dirt and vermin enter. Conventional door seals such as rubber seals or brush seals are usually quickly broken by wear, creating open connections between different areas and external exposure is a fact. Pollution and vermin and many other problems are inevitable. Problem management is difficult and expensive because conventional rubber or brush seals in particular lead to regularly recurring follow-up and new acquisition costs due to their short life and relatively high maintenance requirements.
EM-FLEX seals are made of durable, robust material and reliably keep rodents and vermin away. Thanks to their flexibility, they also adapt to uneven floors and seal holes and cracks against dust and diesel particles.

Save energy and reduce your absenteeism

A constant temperature of the products is also particularly important in food production. Dirt does not only enter through doors, sectional doors and loading docks. Energy – in the form of heat or cold – is also lost. A conventional door bottom seal must be regularly maintained and replaced. In addition, it is relatively susceptible to failure.

Gnawing and rodent wear create open connections between different temperature ranges or even to the outside of the building. This means that temperature fluctuations, high energy costs and drafts caused by drafts are unavoidable. Seals with conventional rubber or brush seals lead to high recurring follow-up costs due to their short service life and maintenance intervals.
EM-FLEX seals are durable and have been proven to reduce drafts by up to 94%. This saves energy and protects the environment and your employees.

What are the advantages of EM-FLEX seals compared to standard seals?

  • Cost reduction compared to conventional seals.
  • Better sealing of doors and sectional doors (energy saving).
  • Influencing the CO2-footprint.
  • Less temperature fluctuations between different areas.
  • More efficient protection of the cold chain.
  • No dirt residues in the working environment.
  • Draft and pollution are reduced.
  • Fast and easy cleaning of the seals.
  • Supports audit management for hygiene and energy.
  • Compliance with nutritional and health regulations.
  • Proven in practice.
  • 2-year durability test without visible deterioration.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Standardized procedure even allows self-assembly.

Where can I use EM-FLEX seals?

  • Food production
  • Warehouses
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Branches and discounters
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Gastronomy and hotel industry
  • Restaurants and canteens
  • Large meat stores
  • Bakeries
  • Shopping center and hypermarkets
  • Farms
  • And much more


By using EM-FLEX draught gap seals you not only comply with the existing but also the new European legislation in the field of energy and hygiene. And enforcement is becoming stricter and stricter: