More safety and energy efficiency on the loading docks

When traveling in the logistics work area: EM-FLEX seals for overhead door and loading docks

As globalisation progresses, our product chains become increasingly complex. This process is increasingly becoming a public issue. In short, audits in the field of hygiene, occupational safety and ecology are therefore increasingly important.
The efficient and durable sealing of doors, industrial doors and loading bridges ensure safety in all areas. With a relatively small investment, you can optimise your location.

Proven draft protection for overhead door and dock leveller.

The EM-FLEX seals are draft stoppers for all (industrial) doors and keep dirt and drafts better away than conventional sealing brushes, rubber or other types of seals.

Ingeniously easy to assemble.

EM-FLEX seals are efficient, durable and ingeniously easy to install. They are easier to attach than any other brush seal: no drilling, riveting, screwing or welding is required.

Where can I use EM-FLEX seals?

  • Carriers
  • Warehouses
  • Industry
  • Public space
  • Municipal facilities
  • Train stations

Easy mounting simply by magnet

It is easy to install EM-FLEX draft seals on your industry or overhead door

 The advantages of our seals at a glance:

  • Optimisation of the carbon footprint
  • Less draft means savings in heating costs
  • Less dirt residues in the working environment
  • Excellent sealing on the dock leveller
  • Accurate manufacturing
  • Standardised on-site self-assembly procedure
  • Sustainable solution
  • No errors are known so far