Brush seals let pests in

Especially in cold periods when it is cold outside, the crawling of the pests starts, – and the brush seals are put to the test. Insects look for food or places to hibernate. But also rats and mice try to enter the buildings to find food and protection against the cold.

EM-FLEX seals are better than brush seals

EM-FLEX’s special sealing systems keep unwanted pests out. Especially for companies in the food industry, supermarkets, bakeries and public buildings, traditional brush seals under the doors are usually not watertight. Too often they do not close adequately so that pests and insects crawl under the door, or the seals are gnawed at mice and rats. Traditional rubber seals do not resist this either. With the EM-FLEX seals, you can easily and quickly improve hygiene and safety all year round. !

Full protection, positive result

The seals are fully adapted and cannot be bitten by rodents. This impenetrable barrier provides long-lasting protection even for emergency exit doors, escape doors and access doors. The system is extremely easy to install on any steel door or service door. It is fixed with a strong magnetic strip. There is no drilling, riveting or screwing. The length of the “rodent stop” is cut exactly to size. The material is both flexible and robust. As a result, it adapts to uneven floors and always offers a complete finish. This protects against draughts, saves energy and is good for the CO2-balance! The seal is easy to clean with a jet of water.

Whether external doors, intermediate doors or passage doors to food storage or production areas: EM-FLEX door seals are an ideal solution. With the S-series, EM-FLEX also offers a special, well-thought-out solution for sliding doors.

Especially where hygiene is important, you have to play it safe 12 months a year. With the EM-FLEX seals, we offer a simple and durable solution!

Optimal sealing


Saving energy and CO2

Easy assembly